Stuck on Connect your Device

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to install the Ratio launcher on my OnePlus 7T Pro, but the Blloc Desk program seems not to be detecting my device.

I followed all the instruction on the steps, but when I arrive on the step 3 nothing happens. I also tried all the USB ports on my PC.

I have clicked to upload the logs in case it helps.

I am using a Windows 10 machine to do this process.

Many thanks,

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Post a screenshot for more clarity

The Phone is connected with USB debugging enabled.

Are there any necessary steps to go through before this?

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Try installing Android Studio. This seems to be of great help for OnePlus 7 devices :slight_smile:

I already have it installed, bit it’s on a different hard drive from where the blloc desk is installed…

Nop, still no luck even when installed on the same drive :confused:

Did you accept the prompt that showed up when you plugged your phone in? It should be asking you to trust the device or something along those lines.

I have the exact same problem when I reach step 3. I have a pixel 4XL. I don’t get a prompt on my phone when I attach the USB cable.

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Try in anothe laptop this is only solution
You have installed previous version in laptop thas why device not detedted

Try going to phone’s
Settings> System> Developer Option> Revoke USB debugging authorisations

Still no luck… I even tried to update the Android studio to see if it helps, but same result

Hi, I have OP7P, and today I solved this problem. When I connected my cell phone to my laptop, using a usb cable, a pop up window popped up if I wanted to install the oneplus usb driver. I installed it, and everything works as it should. Try it, or search for, download and install, usb drivers, for oneplus devices. Good luck.

@ferinokral thanks for the hint, I did installed the driver’s, and even tried to reinstall the BllocDesk app again afterwards, but still stuck on this step.

Try this method again:

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Still nothing, I was hoping to get in touch with the support team to help me troubleshoot this further, but might not be easy.

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Hey, install universal adb and fast boot system vide and try the process. Also, before connecting to Blloc Desk, boot your mobile to fast boot and use the ‘fast boot devices’ command to check if you’r device is properly connected. Half the time’s it’s driver issues with Windows.

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I did installed universal adb, and did went into fastboot mode, but even so no luck to install it.

I did get this error when the Blloc Desk was searching for devices.

2020-05-07 220303

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Uninstall Bllocdesk > download and install fresh from the download link in mail, run as administrator.

AFAIK this should solve your issue. Let me know what happened.

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tagging @mazen @Ismael to look into the issue.

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I just clicked the Update Logs button, the time is 11:13 PM GMT+1 8-5-2020.

A note, this error happened while I had BllocDesk searching for devices, and then I run the command “adb reboot bootloader” on the CMD