Stopwatch in root and telegram personal chat in tree

Since the launcher is based on improving productivity, it was strange to see that stopwatch is not there in the root. Would love to see it upcoming updates

It seems that tree doesn’t support telegram’s personal chat (both secret and general). At least provide some relief to those who wish to ditch WhatsApp

It does support telegram. Can you explain what issue you have with telegram in tree?

Does your tree settings show like this… Have you signed in telegram within Ratio

From the screenshot, you can see that all the telegram communications are basically channels only. There are many personal chats (with individuals) but the same cannot be viewed from tree.

I hope you got the point. Any help will be appreciated

Yes it looks very much the same

The problem you’re having is unusual… Will let devs know about this issue… If they need more information they will contact you in dm… :blush:


I think most of the personal chats you are doing is through ‘secret chat’ option in Telegram am I right? If you are then let me tell you that Ratio doesn’t support secret chat notification and thus it is unable to provide you chats on Tree. I had faced this issue also when I was using secret chats and I was not getting any alert on Tree. Although normal chats are available on Tree. This is my experience but Ratio team would be able to tell you better than me on this issue.

As you said Tree doesn’t support Secret chats try using the personal chats and let us know if it works or not

Personal chats are working fine. It’s only the secret chats that doesn’t show on Tree

Sorry to say that tree doesn’t tree doesn’t support Secret chat because it displays the msg by using screen reader feature.

I thought Tree uses Telegram api…?

Tree using telegram’s notification listener… Not complete telegram’s Api… But devs are considering a new way to add it…

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Oh! My life is a lie :joy:

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I remember Olivier clarified on this before…

Really? Must have missed it 😮‍💨

Sad :pensive: :grin::v:t2: