Stop adding bells and whistles and focus on providing features

It seems that the community has grown so big that devs are not able to address the issue. This means that the fundamental objective of building community itself is defeated.

I already have raised the issue regarding the calendar-related bug a few months ago. Unfortunately, it is not addressed so far. My suggestion is simple and clear. Get the basic feature as calendar work correctly (Refer screenshot). This has been the issue right from the time ratio was launched.

It has been observed that with many updates you just add or enhance the existing bug. I actually deleted the screenshot accidentally of how your launcher was frequently crashing. And again this was happening ever since joined your beta programme when it was on an ‘invite only’ basis. I was so annoyed that I again switched back to Nova launcher. Besides there are other minor issues as well which can be overlooked

I am a working professional. So for me, time is extremely important. Probably this might be the last time I am writing in the forum as it has almost become redundant. I already know that this doesn’t make any difference as the Ratio has already become popular with rising numbers of community members. Just like many other brands you first remained dedicated for enthusiast but now commercial viability is driving things

It’s not the enthusiast that makes a company successful but commerce and money.

Best luck for future pursuits.