Still isues with backups?


I did config backups three or four times now. Local, on external sdcard and send it in messenger to myself.

Everytine I used one of those backup files, nothing happened and I have to configure all the icons etc from the scratch. That’s very annoying.

Second issue is : Everytine I clean my caches or dalvik, RATiO is completely set back to original installation. The most time spend time on RATIO is for setting it up again, not for just using it.

How can I get working backup files and how to not reset the whole UI when I delete the phones cache?

Thx for your help.

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You did back up right… But have you done restore the file? Because you didn’t mentioned above!
Backing up and restoring working fine for us…

Hey, yes of course I restored. I always guessed, the reason doing a backup is to restore things soon or later.

i tested it 3min ago. What I did: I reset RATIO from the settings. I cleaned the app cache etc in androids app settings (I’m on Android 10, LineageOS, rooted). I did a restart. I started RATIO and it acts like a first start. Everything’s fine. I switched into Ratio Tile Settings and restored the backed up file I saved 5min before on the external SD card. The Line Iconpack Premium installed…

Ratio restored my self created categories, the structure I used to organise them on main screen and the icon changes I made in these self created categories. But all icons I changed in the standard categories (F. E. App Box, Essential, Fovs, etc) were not restored. I used that standard given categories to place different apps from AppBox inside. But all changes I did inside the standard categories are not part of the backup.

I :heart: online support :slight_smile:

It’s seems the upcoming version have fixed the problem… Kindly stay tuned… R4 is Coming soon… Visual treat with lot of bug fixes… :wink:

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