Step 4/9 verification code

Hi all,

I am completely new to Ratio.

I have downloaded Blloc desk on windows and connected my phone (ratio downloaded). When I get to step 4 on the computer, it asks for the verification code which wasn’t on the invitation email. I cant get past this step?

Ratio seems to work on my phone, but I have to open the app every time I unlock, is that how it works?

Thanks in advance!

Blocc Desk isn’t supported anymore as I’ve head.

EDIT: you can obtain it on

Hey! Thanks to the both of you for joining and hopping aboard.

If you’ve requested for an invitation to use Ratio fairly recently, you should have received an invitation to use Ratio - you’d then be prompted to install it via downloading an app (Blloc Services) to install Ratio. This process no longer adopts the method of installation via BllocDesk; rather, you’ll now use a helper tool that grants additional permissions for Ratio to be able to perform additional tasks.

On the other hand, if you’ve requested earlier, you may still have the option to choose to install Ratio Pro or Lite - in this case, your invitation code may be required (you can reset it in the link @finlaydag33k provided if you need to). Just note that this method of installation has since been retired, and the previous mode of installation is the one that’s being adopted right now.

In the unlikely event that the former fails, though, it could be a possibility to consider the latter as a last-resort method to installing Ratio.

I hope this helps, and welcome!

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