Status Bar Icon Color

Established launchers like Nova and other UI softwares on Android typically have a setting to be able to change the status bar icons to a ‘Light’ or ‘Dark’ theme. The purpose is visibility with certain custom wallpapers when using the ‘Light’ theme, with certain wallpapers I can’t even read the icons whatsoever because they’re always ‘Dark’ themed. Ratio should implement a General toggle with the functionality to switch the status bar icon themes from dark to light, that would be awesome to see! Like if you think so too!

Yes I would agree with you there.
The Dev’s have kinda included that feature but not as a individually togglable option.
If you switch to the Light theme the Stausbar icons go dark and the Dark theme makes them go Light.
After switching to the Light theme if your using one of the White icon sets they may appear dark so change the viewing mode to Classic and they will switch to White.
I know it’s not what some of us are used to but it will get you out of a corner if your stuck.
Hope that helps a bit.

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