Stable Theme Running Smoothly

Update from Samsung S8+
Theme Running Stable with minor glitches
1 ) the theme gets stuck sometimes (total unresponsiveness in the theme page )when you uninstall a downloaded Application , only way to come back to normal was either Restart the phone or change the Theme to System UI . (Easy fix).
Suggestion :
Options to choose default search engine would be helpful as Qwant/Weather/News widget given by Blloc in India is of no use.
Summary :
I am happy with this Theme . Wish to see it as a stable Operating System in association with Google apps .

It’s coming. Under development.

What theme you are mentioning?? S8+ is a supported device I guess. You can install ratio pro directly

Well I considered Ratio Pro as a theme :slight_smile: .
I have Ratio Pro my Phone.
At times I also see a pop up saying my device is unsupported , but it just goes off .

I’ve noticed a bug recently ,
When you lock an app , for example WhatsApp .
Ratio just locks the app in the drawer menu , but i can easily access the app whenever i receive notification through notification bar without inputting password/fingerprint.

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