Spotify Setup in the Root for Galaxy S8

Just wanted to get some help setting up the Spotify feature in the root. I tried to set it up, but the instructions didn’t give the right instructions on how to set it up and give permissions. I tried giving the permissions manually, but nothing helped. Also, the setting names in the launcher and on my device are different.

Edit: I got it to work! Thanks for the help!

Enable the notification access to ratio app in system settings.
Clear root and try spotify again.

enabling the notification access may fix it for you

How do I clear the root? Like, get rid of everything?

Edit: Got it to work!

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Please explain how? I had it enabled in Root but when I tried to play from root I pressed in Spotify and got the above message you posted. My phone settings have Spotify enabled. There’s a Spotify icon in my drop down menu that says connected to root… However still get the same message.