Spotify on root non working op 5t

Hi, I’m not able to find the way to make Spotify working into root with my OnePlus 5t.
I’ve tried to fix the app authorisation as written in the error message

Anyone else have find a solution?


I did struggle with it too. First I realized that I was looking at notification permission in the Ratio settings instead of going to advanced settings for all apps and notifications. After I got it right I had to remove this message first and start Spotify card again. It showed shortly error message and then started to work as it should. Hope that helps.

Thank you but I’m unsure to check the permissions, can you show me a picture of the permissions screen you mention?

Sure. In system settings go to “apps and notifications”. Then it might be slightly different on your phone but you see on my screenshot the last option is “advanced”. That’s where you should go. Then “special app access”, “notification access” and there should be listed Ratio, you just toggle it to the right.

Thanks now I got it.