Spotify Connection Screen crashes

I experienced this first after rebooting my phone. After that the phone keeps opening the Spotify Connection Screen and immediately closes it again. This keeps itself in a loop. While the Loop is happening the phone is pretty much unusable.

  1. I tried to reinstall Ratio and it immediately returns to the same loop as described before

  2. If I disable the Spotify Widget from The Root and restart Ratio it doesn’t get in that Loop.

  3. I spammed clicking on the screen where normally the “Authorize” Button of the Connection Screen would be and it got accepted. Since than I didn’t see the Spotify Screen anymore.

It happened on a Pixel 4 XL if it’s maybe device specific.

I experienced this loop issue too, but I got into the loop by just pressing the Spotify pill in the Root.

Thanks for the bug report!
I’ll look into it this morning.


I have also experienced the loop.
For other users facing the same problem, a temporary solution (which worked for me) is to tap the area where the agree button is until access is granted.

Happens to me too, on a OnePlus 7 Pro

I have the same problem on Oneplus 6T. I have no idea how to remove it from root, or of course… solve it.

Experienced the same issue on the Pixel 3a XL

Same with my OP6. No amount of spam clicking fixes it.

Removing the Spotify tile seems to do nothing, unfortunately.

Same here on OP6T after trying to add spotify to root.

edit: I “solved” by trying to hit the green agree button that flashes firmly within the white spotify screen. Took a bit of trying but worked.