Split screen usage

Hey everyone,

I’ve only been using Ratio for a few days but have noticed an odd behaviour.
I’ve set that both twitter and Facebook show up as monochrome, but when I open either one in split screen mode (possible on my Note 10) the split apps show up in full colour.

Is anyone else having the same issue?
Hopefully it’ll get fixed in an update soon

Are you trying to use it in split screen with another app which is not put in monochrome?

Even when I split the screen Twitter and Facebook (which are both set to monochrome) they both show up in color.

Going monochrome is a hardware manipulation thing. So the split screen might be sending a message that the device is not actually on the intended app. Let me tag the devs.

@Ismael @olivier can you guys look into this?

Thank you very much!

I would like to add that I played around with it and found some other small ‘bugs’ I guess you can call them:

When inside a monochrome-set app and I pull down the notification center the app resets to full color for a few seconds and then goes back to monochrome.

Same thing happens when inside a monochrome app and I open the app switcher.

I appreciate the help!

App switcher is not set to monochrome. So it is bound to go to color mode.
The notification shade issue is found mostly on the Samsung devices. I’ll let the devs know.