Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium H8166

Device brand and model: Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium H8166

Ratio version: Pro 3.2.3:27

Problems encountered when using ratio:

  • Gray scale disables by pushing home button or double tapping on/off toggle button.
  • Grey mode for apps: chosen app in grey opens in colour to turn grey; the issue manifests in reversal: app in grey gets coloured when closed by pressing home button.


I am not quite able to understand your issue. Can you explain it a bit better or maybe post a video? (screen recording won’t work as greyscale won’t turn up on it).

I think he’s not experiencing something unusual here. Pushing the home button turns off (and on) greyscale after all if Ratio is selected as assistant app.

And the other issue probably refers to the fact that the greyscale only enables the moment the app is actually opened and instantly disables when you swipe up on home to go to another app which could seem buggy to some people.

Oh alright. I couldn’t quite understand what he was saying.
If this is the case, it is the intended behaviour.

Looking at the screenshots of his Ratio Settings it very much looks like he’s using Ratio as the assistant app without knowing that pressing home will toggle the greyscale. Maybe he’ll reply to verify. :slight_smile:

You got me right. Pardon my English; it’s rusty due to to misuse.

Hi, @Nostalgia thank you for your help. The greyscale toggles even though Ratio Assistant is either turned on or off.

Hi @B_Wrath so is it the way it works?
Then I didn’t find any other issues and Ratio is working fine with this unsupported device.

Is Ratio supposed to disable one handed mode? The feature is toggled on in the device’s menu settings but it isn’t working nonetheless.

Updated to Ratio Pro 3.2.4. Seamless installation via Blloc Services.
No issues so far.