Some unbiased feedback after a couple of days

Hello everyone!

I got my invite a couple of days ago. Thank you for that. And I thought I’ll give a bit of feedback. I haven’t read any other topics as I wanted to give some unbiased feedback - so I guess a lot of what I write here might already have been discussed in other topics. But I think my feelings after using Ratio for a couple of days might be more helpful … or at least more insightful.

Before I start, I think it is important to know where I come from: I don’t use standard android launchers. Before Ratio, I was using a Windows-Mobile-like launcher (Square Home), which basically has all my needs right there on the homescreen.
I am fully aware that I am not a typical smartphone user: I don’t use social media, I rarely use the web or play games on my phone.

To put this into perspective, these are my main apps:
Phone/SMS: Truecaller
Messaging: WhatsApp
Calendar: Business Calendar
Music: Spotify
Podcasts: Pocket Casts
Web: Opera

When I saw Ratio, I thought that, yes, this could be exactly what I’m looking for in a launcher. Of course, I am aware that it isn’t finished.

First, let me tell you that I like the style of Ratio. It’s aesthetics are just my cup of tea. Sure, I would love to change the highlight color - maybe even set it based on time of day (blue during the day, red during the night)? - but this particular shade of yellow works very well and looks great.

I truly like the drawer. It’s an awesome way of organizing my apps and keep those visible that I use regularly.
I only use silent notifications, so what I usually do is to take a quick glance on my homescreen to see, if there are any notifications.
The yellow pulsating “light” is perfect.
I also love how I’m able to mute apps without actually having to go into settings and fumble around with their notifications. Perfect for when I want a bit peace and quiet. - Maybe an idea for the (far) future: Define mute days? Apps I don’t want to notify my during weekends or a specific time frame?

Anyway, giving all these option of marking, expanding, grayscaling apps is awesome! Also great: They Ratio keeps track so elegantly of how much you use these apps.

Also, it is pretty great, how the layout of the drawer is saved. Makes setting up a personalized drawer-look easy and sensible.

Right now I am a little bit struggling with tile highlights. I mean, they are great. It’s just, when I use them, I tend to have to much color.
Yeah, sure, there is the dark highlighting but that clashes a bit with the aesthetics in my opinion.

By the way: It would be cool, if I could set certain drawers to sort apps alphabetically. Not all of them, of course, as I really like how I can put apps in a certain order in smaller drawers.

Again, I really like the drawer. That’s certainly the right direction.
But let’s go to the most potential that I see in Ratio: The root.

It’s rather limited right now. At least for me. I don’t really see the potential of the Qwant card. What is it for?
Also, news and songkick … I guess there is an audience for that but that’s just clutter in my opinion.

The weather-card is pretty great.

The Spotify-card is actually awesome! I love how it keeps track of what I was playing. Since I usually listen to audiobooks, this is really great.
The only thing strange (to me) is, that I cannot start the Spotify-app from there. Why not? When I click on the cover, it just gives me a full screen version of an even smaller(!) version of the cover. Why? What is the idea behind this feature?
Why not make a click on the cover start the Spotify app?

I suppose the ticket-card could be awesome. I have yet to test that.

What I look forward to is to have the root as my main screen. Let it show my next few appointments. Give my a big clock somewhere (perhaps with the weather, so a different weather-card).

Since I use Pocket Casts as my main podcast app, I would love something similar to the Spotify-card.

And, of course, a WhatsApp-Card would be awesome.

In a perfect world, I see myself doing about 95% of my smartphone usage with the root.

I’m really looking forward to the next Ratio update. I think this will be my new launcher and I’m happy to be part of this.


Hello @Pat9496
New user here too, I share your sentiments! Great launcher overall!

About opening Spotify, I realized that if you click the “On Spotify” text in the Spotify card, it will actually open Spotify and launch the page for the Playlist/Album/Podcast that you are playing.

Oh! Thank you.
But it appears that it does not work like this on my phone (Huawei P20). I can play and pause and use skip forward and back. But pressing on “On Spotify” does not seem to do anything.

The Spotify-card is really great (and I do wish there would be the same thing for Pocket Casts).