Some quick suggestions

Really, REALLY happy with Ratio on my Samsung A41! Just found some really minor bugs which I’ll post meanwhile but first some quick ideas:

1 - The weather card on Root could display rain chance along the day without having to scrub through, at least that’s one of the main reasons I use Weather apps in the morning, to check if I need to take out my umbrella or not :stuck_out_tongue:

2 - The search bar could be hideable from the main screen, from my use I’m ok with having it on the Root screen only, and that would keep the main screen even cleaner.

3 - There could be options to hide the usage minutes in the drawers and in the icons. At least in the drawers, which would also contribute to keep the main screen clean. Theres’s the workaround of disabling app usage statistics acess but opening the drawer and seeing the usage on the icons but not the drawer would achieve the same effect while cleaning the main screen

4 - Sounds. I dunno how easy or hard would it be to have Ratio managing the phone’s sounds but it could be a fine addition in the future. As a sound designer, its one of the less cared about aspects of user experience in phone UI and UX design. I recon the true minimalist way is turning them all off… but for work email and family contacts, having a very few unobtrusive sounds could be awesome. Having some cool sounds included in Ration and having all the options centralized, either on a dedicated menu or included in the “app edit” menu where the mute option is, could be great!

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Hi friend,

Ratio issue will go to ratio bug reports category
Ratio suggestions will go to ratio wishlist thread