Some problems with tiles

Device brand and model: Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

Ratio version: 3.2.1:22

Problems encountered when using ratio:

  1. When I try to change the Tiles color it says: Feature not supported. Ratio doesn’t have the right permitions to use this feature. Although I can change to marker color.
  2. It doesn’t show the app information like: Storage, data, usage.

I’m not using Ratio Lite and I can only change between Classic, Bright, Dark and Marker.


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For color mode to work you need ratio pro or installing via bllocdesk will enable correct permission to work for color mode. As of now your device is not supported. Please be patience blloc will new devices everyday. Please enjoy ratio light for now.

Same here with Xiaomi MIUI on Mi 8. Have installed via bllocdesk (enable usb debugging AND install via usb), and enabled accessibility permissions for app lock and colour mode, unfortunately Ratio the app itself isn’t able to detect this (I think).

Under USB Debugging enable “Install via USB” and “USB Debugging (Security Settings)”. After that try installing Ratio via BllocDesk, it should work.

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