Some Features that will make Ratio #1 OS/launcher

I installed the Ratio on my phone a week ago after a painful/heartbreaking two months of wait for an invitation code. I tried many minimal launcher/settings during that period. Obisoulsy, that was time wasting because some launcher was too boring & difficult while others was not minimal like they claimed. The day I installed Ratio it felt different from others setup. I have to admit that I was overusing my smartphone and the “BLLOC Ratio” has helped me to let go of this habit. My average screen on time dropped from about 8-9 hours to 2.5-3 hours daily. This is almost a perfect combination of minimal productivity focusing app and user friendly which looks great setup too. This is already a great tool for me and I really appreciate all the hard work the team has put in to make it better. I am not going to talk about all the great features this has because it will be long feedback. Here are some of the features which I think will make Ratio best.

  1. I use TICK-TICK to-do list application (esp its widget) daily to manage my tasks and habits. I believe most smartphone users use some sort of these apps daily. Therefore, I think, Ratio should combine calendar & Note with applications like tick-tick, Gtask or Anydo to pin its widget in the root, and lock screen. or A option to use one or two other apps widgets in root/home/lockscreen will also solve the problem.
  2. After the latest update 3.2.8 calendar stopped to show events and reminders of other apps like google tasks. And pinned note in lock screen hangs mobile too. Pinned note in lock screen is a great idea but it should be made free of bug.
  3. Setting of the apps (after long-pressing) should include notification manager with options of mute, silent notification, and fix notification time or cycle instead of just mute option.
  4. Color mode of application should include a time-based option. To go colorless after a specified screen on time of that application. This feature is also unstable now in my oneplus 7T. It automatically shows color after rotating into landscapes from portrait in some apps like youtube.
  5. Blloc Desk is a wonderful concept. However, Syncing photos should be synced with folders too. All photos in a folder is not a good option. Also, Automatic Backup (wireless or with USB connection) of certain folders using folder syncing within BLLOC desk will be the most significant and likeable feature.
  6. Service to see all notification and be able to use most of the features/apps of mobile on the desktop will make Blloc the best mobile OS/launcher.
  7. The long list of options in the root section may need simple categorization too in the future.
  8. Work mode and Life mode should be included with more definite user-friendly settings and options.

All these features may not be appropriate for you and it may be different from what you are aiming. This idea is from my perspective. Hope all these features as well as other great features will be included in coming updates. Thank you for this wonderful app.

Best Regards
-Saroj Dhakal.

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