Some Community Changes

Hi everyone.

Just a quick update on some updates to the community!

New: Ratio Wishlist & Feedback
A new Wishlist & Feedback category has been created and the old wishlist and feedback megathreads are now closed. Under the category there are 4 new subgroups: Tree Wishlist / Tiles Wishlist / Root Wishlist / Feedback
Please post any suggestions or feedback to the appropriate group. Big thanks to all the moderators for your valuable feedback!

New: Help
The Ratio and the Ratio Tool group has been be moved under this catergory. Please use this space to ask for help on anything Ratio or Ratio Tool related.

New: Colour schemes
Following the light theme issue a couple of weeks ago, some new color schemes have also been added.

We hope the changes will be helpful to everyone. Please let us know your thoughts.


I really love this new look

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Yes me too. It seems people are not talking about this look here. It was tweeted recently. The persistent app bar above the search is a welcome feature. I always used to wonder before if we could have phone icon on the main home screen atleast so that we can just make a call in a single tap. Thanks to Blloc team that they are going with this new design.


Wait, the community website now has a phone button?

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Hi Sorry …this was out of the topic related to this thread. I was pointing towards the latest tweet by Blloc :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I see :joy:
Scared me quite a bit