[SOLVED] (see latest post) Is there a visible roadmap on the ratio app? :)

Hi there, I’m keen to see a roadmap so that I can avoid asking questions like ‘is this feature coming?’. Would also be nice to be able to ‘+1’ on items that we know you guys have planned/scoped for in future.


great idea. We used a trello board before but wasn’t sustainable we will explore some platforms / options to make our roadmap more visible.


I would very much like to have this feature in the forums or some other platform that your team may have.

On a side note, I don’t know where to request features, so the OP would be great :stuck_out_tongue: So I’m putting it out here as well.

  1. Some way to double tap to lock the screen
  2. Pinned items in root be not cleared/removed from the top pinned section when I “Clear Root”.
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Thank you @adham and team :slight_smile: