So I just got here and I'm not really sure how to download ratio

Yeah I’m a bit confused, hopefully someone sees this and can help me out.

I hope you got invitation code through email. If not, apply for the ratio.

Open mail and can download blloc desk. Read the email thoroughly.
Save the invitation code.

Click on lemon tinted blloc option in email.

Two ways you can install ratio.
1 : you can directly download blloc services apk and enter activation code. Which gives all options except monochrome and double tap to sleep options. It requires system permission

  1. You can download blloc desk for pc and follow the instructions. You need to connect the mobile to :computer: pc.
    For that you should enable developer options in your mobile, and also enable the usb debugging.
    PC should have the usb drivers of gour mobile.

I’ve applied months ago and I haven’t gotten an email with a code yet. I’m guessing my phone isn’t supported yet?

It takes 2 months to get code. Apply again