So... How do you actually edit drawers?

I’m trying to change the apps that I have in my drawers, but there’s no apply button. Hitting the back button just resets all of my changes, as does hitting the homebutton. So how do I actually apply changes?

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When you long press on an app your are able to move the app to other drawers. On the bottom of your screen should appear a “save changes” button.

When this does not work for you you can also change the drawers and apps in settings -> tiles -> “edit apps & drawers”.

BllocDesk supports also the Exit of your drawers and apps on the main page (“synx”).

I hope I could help you!


I figured out long pressing, the problem is that when I try to edit it usingsettings -> tiles -> “edit apps & drawers”, there’s no way to save the changes I make there.

When you are in the “edit apps and drawers” page you can select apps (they get highlighted). At the bottom are controls to mute or aktivate the password … At the right is a button to move the selectetd apps to another drawer. Select the drawer and just close the settings. For me the changes will save automatically.

If this doens´t work for you, you can also just long press the app you want to move (in the normal home screen) and select “move” there. Than you can click “close and save” after selecting the drawer.

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Ah, see, this is where its not working correctly. My changes don’t save when I exit.

I’ll try restarting the launcher and see if that fixes the error. In the meantime, I’ll just drag and swipe,


For me the changes do occur but not 100% on exiting the “edit apps and drawers”, do try restarting the launcher and try it again. If you are trying to change titles be sure you hit the “enter/next line” button on your keyboard.

OnePlus7TPro, Version 3.1.6

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Anyone found solution to this, I am having same issue.
When I am in “edit apps and drawers” page, select app, click the “move” icon, select the folder I want to move in. changes isn’t saved automatically.
Restarted Launcher, Reinstalled Launcher. not working

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I have the same problem.

There is no save button and the changes aren’t saved automatically.

The only way I can make it work is to edit drawers is to drag and drop manually from the homepage.

I am using Samsung Galaxy S8+ btw.

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still having the issue.

xiaomi mi 6, version 3.2.3