SMS included in version 5.2.1

When updated my Bllock Ratio Launcher to version 5.2.1 I also activated SMS support for Conversation. Nevertheless new SMSs don’t still apear so far in the tree level. Is there any guide/way how to have my SMS apeared on this level ? Is there necessary to set up any special function to activate this funcionality ?


You should be using the stock SMS app for this to work afaik

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I use the stock app and have the same issue… :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

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Umm… Idk then…
I use Signal :joy:

currently SMS support in conversation only works with google messages app!

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I use the stock Samsung app, and it works for me

so no sms support if you dont have google play. welp.

@terrence that is my workaround now. but it doesn’t always work. the notification is buggy.

Signal SMS has always been working fine for me. (To be fair, the only thing I use SMS for is verification codes)

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a mi no me funciona facebook messager

Hey Percy, I… don’t quite understand your language… could you writer it in English please?

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Dear all thanks for your tips. Yes if default (google messages app) is used, it works … If i switched to “default” app of my samsung galaxy then it works since this moment.

I also have similar issue regarding SMS not available or working in Conversation. I’m using Vivo 1904 @ android 11 and Vivo default SMS app.
Yesterday, I downloaded and install QKSMS app, an SMS app from f-droid and set it as my default SMS app.
Fortunately, not long after install I received and SMS and saw Ratio notification in my shade. Then, I scrolled the Conversation and at the top there is a SMS that I just received.
Just want to share my part.:+1:


It means ‘Facebook messenger does not function for me’

Facebook messager doesn’t work for me