Shift Up Tiles Up When Opening a Drawer

When pressing a lower-listed drawer, the tiles are hidden below the search box. For usability, I think the drawer and tiles need to automatically shift up, to not be hidden.


Install the new update! Fixed it for me ~

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Yep, thanks, exactly what I wanted.

I have to insist. The menu simply seems to scroll to the bottom. So if the last category is open and I click on one above it scrolls all the way up out of sight and I need to swipe down to see the first entries of the upper category. From my point of view annoying and no clever move. Please get this fixed. Thanks… :innocent:

Okay… I really enjoyed the Ratio experience up to the point where more and more - from my point of view - needless bling bling is infiltrating the minimalistic approach.

  • This “lazy load”-ish scrolling is not very time saving. It takes even more time to wait until the last cards are loaded
  • The fade out on top and bottom of the screen are also a nice to have but go against a clean look and feel
  • And my biggest pain point is this super annoying scrolling of opened drawers so that the drawer almost disappears to the top

Please get rid of these things or at least implement an in option to activate/deactivate it in the Ratio preferences.

Stay safe and healthy everyone