Settings still don't keep their status

Hey @devs… Thanks for the latest update 5.0.3 but… Unfortunately these settings still don’t keep their settings. I activated all three of them, close the settings, opened the settings again and they are all off. Again! Come on… What’s wrong?


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Hi Thanks for Reaching here,
This is the known bug and devs are actively working on it… This is because of the new Architecture that is created from entirely scratch… So implementing all the previous features in current build is bit difficult for them…

Thanks for the Patience :blush:

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Wow. 5.0.4 came pretty fast. Now these switches are greyed out. That’s something I can live with much better… Thanks guys. :v:t2:

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I can say developers will take deep breath :sweat_smile: (there will be no more questions abt that features)

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Definitely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:laughing: ops not good