Search bar needs better sorting

I love using Ratio and v5 did add a lot of features that I liked but there’s one thing that’s bugging me, i.e., the sorting of apps while we search for it. In v4.0 afaik when we search for an app say “Google” it will show the closest verbatim app name one towards the bottom of the search. But in v5.0, when I search “google”, I get all the apps that are related to Google but in a weird sorting (screenshot below).

It should have shown only the Google search app or placed it lowermost for easy reachability but it doesn’t. This makes searching for apps frustrating as the monochromatic icons make it even harder to quickly distinguish different apps.


Hi thanks for contacting us…
The search feature is intended one… If you search for an app name in Tiles screen it will show you the Package name of app too… Like if you search “Google” the Screen will show you the all the apps which has package name contains “¬¬¬¬¬¬”

It could be useful to find the group of app by the Developer.

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