Screen permantely turns to black and white after installing ratio launcher

I tried ratio on my device (Google Pixel 2xl) with Bloccdesk windows program. This clearly changed some settings because my animations were set on 0.5x. But then my screen turned black and white and turning the bedtime mode from digital wellbeing did absoutely nothing. I then proceded to uninstall the app which changed nothing, even when rebooting my phone, still stuck in black and white, what should I do now?

Hi, welcome to the community.
I got the same prob on my device (Samsung) when I uninstall Ratio too a while back. The solution I found was to backup data and factory reset.

It’s not ideal, but it brings back everything to default. I couldn’t find any other way to turn the screen from b&w.

I’m sure, if others have found a different work around they will share, but resetting definitely works.

I actually figured out how to fix this, I had to go in Developper Settings - > simulate color space - > change from monochromacy back to disabled. Honestly, not sure why Blocc would do this, I trusted this app wouldn’t mess with my phone settings that much.


How I wish I knew this a wile ago. Epic job finding this, now at least others facing this issue would have a way forward. Kudos again!