Scaling of root cards under pinned cards

I was scrolling through root and found out that the root cards don’t get properly scaled after scrolling through them.
What i think is there should be a proper pre distance between pinned cards and root cards everytime the same when we scroll on the top of the root Cards

Please post this in the #ratio:bug-reports forum as this is the #general forum. :blush:

Edit: I also saw that you’ve created this exact post three times (and withdrew one post). Please just post once in the proper subforum. :wink:

Edit 2: Reviewing this again, I’m not even sure this is a bug anymore. I’d say it’s more of a feature request and should be posted on the wishlist thread.

Ohhhh ok ok. So i should post this in wishlist :sweat_smile:
I was posting here first time so didn’t know it.

Perfectly fine, I also missed the right forum my first time. :blush:

I think it’s a great suggestion so be sure to post it there. :wink:

I just did it now :hugs:

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installation failed on my s8 yet previous versions have been working just fine

Reset your invitation code and try again.