Samsung work profile apps missing

Exactly that. I can’t view any of the apps inside of my work profile.

Outlook. Skype, teams. Ms office.

Using Microsoft launcher and Samsung one ui home allow for it. Aswell as nova. I think it’s something that would be overlooked, as business and home user I have both devices in one. Even both sims.

Can it be fixed with a new menu “work” which lists only work profile apps, including their play store

Hi there!

Work profiles are currently not supported in Ratio, as per the New User FAQ thread:

The team has been notified of this since it’s an issue that has existed for a long time. In the meantime, though, you may look to other solutions like temporarily switching your main launcher back to One UI Home when you need to use your work profile. This seems like an inconvenience, unfortunately, but is the only way to mitigate this issue so far. Hope this helps!


Thanks. Not what I was looking for but thanka for the tip. When I go back to working in the office I may just use ipad as work device