Samsung S9+ Exynos & Essential PH-1 running Ratio

I just want to report that Ratio running smoothly on both devices I own as main (S9+) and backup (PH-1). One is with Exynos and the other with SD835.

Just a note, please add an option to change the font size. A slider like Small - Medium - Large - XL would be good with 3-5 pixel increments of the font size.

Keep up the good work! We’re here for you.

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I’m running Ratio on my main device - a Galaxy S9+ as well! Seeing that the S9 lineup is one that the team is working on making a supported device to use (referring to the Public Roadmap), I’m quite surprised to see that Ratio and BllocDesk has been working really well for me. Kudos to the team!

That suggestion sounds great!

Yes, same here. I just got the invite and had it installed on my S9+ Exynos as well. I set it up and getting used to it. Minimalist is my goal this year. Gotta get rid of lot of stuff…

Keep up the amazing up and thanks so much!!

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I also tried Ratio on my main device S9+ (Exynos), it works hope that you can add it as Supported list so that it can set Default launcher on my deivce currently I don’t how to set it as Default launcher to replace One UI.
BTW I see it seemly has a bug when creating a new drawer. After created a new drawer, I press & hold > Edit, then select some apps added into new drawer, but after backed to main screen. No app is selected. This happens on both my Pixel 3 (supported device) and S9+. I still can drag those apps from Other to my new drawer.