Samsung S8+ New Ratio install

Just got the invite and installed. Kinda surprised and disappointed when this was not system wide. A bit of a letdown. Was hyped by watching YT vids. Kudos to the developers, hope further developments occur.

Hello! Ratio is only a launcher when it comes to using it with other devices that aren’t Zero18 - that means that it has limited capabilities and won’t be able to have additional access deep into your phone as it would with the Zero18.

I believe that’s partially why the team has been working hard at implementing features like the Tree and why you don’t see it at the moment - due to limitations and permissions of a regular Android launcher, Ratio will have to find alternative ways to do so! Let’s hope that the final product will bring us as close as possible to what BllocOS offers on the Zero18. :wink:

Currently Ratio is a launcher shaping up to do many things. System wide theming is not possible, but there’s a system wide monochrome version that goes inline with the ratio design.

feature requests go here Your Ratio Wishlist