Samsung s20+ Battery drain ratio

I’ve noticed my battery drain has increased. Last night I didn’t plug the phone in and have seen it decrease around 5% an hour from ratio

Maybe I have the listener left on for the phone to desktop sync?? Anyone else noticed drain?


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Turn off bllocdesk, turn off the news option. Also in the Samsung settings optimization of the battery is very important.

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Thanks I have turned off desktop. News also conversion, went into Samsung and changed battery optimisation so Samsung doesn’t mess with it. Funnily enough I read it also messes with android auto! I will keep testing, and see what overnight drain is like

My first day the batterh got killed within 4 hours. After amending the settings second day battery survived Ll day. Today I am 60% since 9 am. Now its 6 pm! Which is good

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I will report back tomorrow, with the. Findings. Never noticed the news option giving me anything. I still really want to see messaging tree implemented. I can say that each time I use the phone it’s for the specific purpose. Well I did have to remove the colour to black and white option. I need to post about that as its not reliable when it switches

I heard the tree will be added in the next update next week. I am looking forward for that addition

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Hi, @iamdarren how do you do?
did changes improve the battery usage for Ratio? What the percentage now?

Hi, @biltaji would it work the same way for a Sony?

I think it works the same way for all phones. It will adjust…