Samsung Galaxy s8

Device brand and model: Samsung Galaxy s8

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Problems encountered when using ratio: Sometimes the phone decides to enter a black screen. It used to only occur around once or twice a week, but ever since it started occurring more frequently, it was only practical for me to switch launchers for the time being. Additional minor problems include the launcher occasionally freezing(which can be resolved through the home button) and stutter when trying to edit an app.


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(Sorry for the large amount of pictures. I took pictures from my desktop because the launcher on my phone entered the black screen again. Additionally, I wanted to point out that I do actually have a Galaxy s8 and do have the actual version of Ratio with bllocdesk. Sorry and thanks in advance)

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Hey @agiland8! Thanks for contributing to the community.

The issue that you’re currently facing is one that many others are facing, too. This issue has been around since v3.2.5, but v3.2.6 has mitigated the issue for some. For now, though, the Blloc team is aware of this issue and are working towards a fix for it. Hold on tight!

Besides this major issue and a few minor problems mentioned, I hope you’ll continue enjoying Ratio either way; your contribution to this early stage of testing can help!


If can be of any help, I’m with the same issue since a couple of weeks. Never of previous versions of ratio.

Last couple of times I’m sure I was with GPS on…

Will make some research…

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I was thinking the same. Yesterday and on Monday my OnePlus 7Pro got a few moments of Black Screen, and the GPS was on. While it was off, I don’t remember having issues with that.

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No issues in two days All day GPS and ratio together. Bluetooth on and off also an no problem.
It’s really weird

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Really weird indeed. Yesterday nothing, but today I had like 2 black screens.