Samsung Galaxy S10E

Device brand and model:

Samsung Galaxy s10e

Ratio version:


Problems encountered when using ratio:

Other than the unsupported device message (gone after Update 3.1.9:14)
1- edit apps & drawers doesn’t work in Ratio setting (that’s why it’s not included in the screenshots)
#new issue
2-suddenly the app timer count disappeared had to restart ratio few times to get it back or go to settings and turn on/off usage access(screenshot in replies) .
3- after Update 3.1.9:14 YouTube card not functioning (screenshot in replies)


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Click on edit under tiles in ratio settings and try unlocking using fingerprint

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Oh, Yeah I know, tried it before and it didn’t work, it takes me back home .
Appreciate the suggestion :+1:

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Oh ok. I also first checked it just navigate me to home I mean tiles then I just tried unlocking that edit pages comes

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Yeah, this happened to me on pixel 4 It takes me home but it requires face unlock and then the edit page pops, on the S10E it doesn’t request fingerprint and even if I register my finger print nothing happened.
I’ll try to disable fingerprint and see what happens.

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No. Don’t disable fingerprint. It will not show any animation or indication just unlock by fingerprint

Yeah that didn’t work either, It’s not a “big deal” issue
I can edit app and tiles from the home page easily,
Every other thing works perfectly, if only I can get rid of the unsupported device message :tired_face:

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For my device Honor play no core functionality issues but facing some Layout issues when set in default display size that I never set in this device cause it’s very big and ugly.

New issue the app timers suddenly disappeared, had to restart Ratio couple times to get it back.
@olivier @Ismael

Side note : sometimes the app timers go 5 minutes or more above the actual usage time displayed in the digital wellbeing .

Edited the post after Update 3.1.9:14

Update V3.2.0

ALL ABOVE mentioned issues are SOLVED

New issue :
App timers are terribly wrong screenshots below explain the differences between actual usage and Ratio usage times



Here’s a third party app that have app usage access vs ratio (third party app matches the digital wellbeing and Even more precise by showing hours, minutes and seconds )

Yes. I am also faced similar issue. I will update it after 2 days. I need to check properly

Update 3.2.1 june 8th
All issues are SOLVED now for my device including the wrong app timer issue .
The only change is now it’s called “Ratio lite” although I have the pro version installed through bllocdesk but I still have all the pro features (only the name changed ) .

[Side note]
Please bring back an option to not use centered drawers, I thought you gonna do it in this update, don’t forget about it🙏🏻, it’s a popular demand .