Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Exynos Version

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Exynos Version
Android 10

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The Monochrome Feature Isn’t Supported + the launcher is a bit glitchy


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Hey @jaberryahin33, welcome to the community!

Thanks for sending in your bug report.

First, may I ask which version of Ratio are you running? Lite may run under some limitations (such as monochrome mode) while these limitations are removed (and system permissions are granted) in Pro. If you aren’t running Pro, this may be the reason why.

For your other issues, you’ve mentioned that Ratio was “a bit glitchy”. Do you mind elaborating on that? Some distinct examples may help!

Regardless, though, I hope your experience with Ratio has been great so far! Great to have you onboard.

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By ‘a bit glitchy’ I meant that the application/launcher isn’t responsive it doesn’t match my screen size perfectly…

Another bug!
Idk why the launcher crashed and it isn’t working anymore !
That happened when I joined a voice call maybe the tile was working for a while because of the notification of the call you know idk

Thanks for your reply!

As for that, it could be an issue with compatibility between Ratio and your phone’s screen resolution. I don’t believe there’s a workaround for this, unfortunately!

This bug - the black screen issue - has been one that’s around for quite some time now. We don’t really seem to know what’s causing it at the moment, but Blloc is aware of this issue and they’re investigating the issue at the moment. Try the following to recover Ratio:

  1. Force stop Ratio; head to Settings, Apps, Ratio, and tap on Force stop.
  2. Restart your device.
  3. If all else fails, you may need to clear Ratio’s app data. Doing this will reset all your preferences and settings (i.e., Tiles configuration, Root cards, and Ratio Settings configuration). Head to Settings, Apps, Ratio, Storage (or the like), Clear data.

Hope this helps!


Is ratio light open source?
I would like to edit it and optimize it for my own, I wouldn’t change the author etc…
Btw thank you for this great support

Unfortunately, Ratio (both of its variants) is closed-source; the source code is proprietary to Blloc, and developers aren’t granted the abilities that open-sourced projects have.

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Ok thanks anyway, keep going I realy liked your work

Please add ALL the information that is specified in this post if you want to request official support for your device. :blush:

I also edited your thread title for you since the devices brand and name need to be mentioned there.