Samsung Galaxy M30s

Device brand and model:

Samsung Galaxy M30s# Ratio version:3.1.9

Problems encountered when using ratio:

After installation Blloc in Samsung Galaxy M30s it shows error pop-up that: Ratio isn’t officially supported on your device. You might encounter various undetected layout(graphical) issues.


Please post ratio version by go to ratio settings and double the version name to copy the version details and paste it here

already I have posted above that’s okay…
Ratio Version:3.1.9

Like this

versionName: 3.1.9
versionCode: 30109
build time ms: 1589559826736
build date hr: 2020-05-15T16:23:46.736Z
variant: ratioRelease
cp vers: :14
debug: false
model: COR-AL00

A format is prescribed. Follow it so that devs can work on supporting your device faster

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