Running BllocDesk post installation MacOS 10.15.3

I am getting the following message when I am trying to run BllocDesk on MacOS 10.15.3: " “BllocDesk” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software."

How do I address this in the security settings?

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Normally if you go to the folder containing the app and do this: right click on the app-> open, it should not prevent you from opening it (and that only happens the first time you try to open it).

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Indeed, that worked. Another stupid question. I signed up for Oneplus 7T - Is my code device specific? Can you install on a Huawei Mate 10 plus?

Thank you!

yes once you use a code its linked to that exact same device. We do not currently support Huawei models yet.

Also happened to me. This helped. Thanks.

Code is not device specific, but app will not install or function properly on non-supported devices. So it’s specific to supported devices :slight_smile:

Hello, I finally got round to installing on my OnePlus but I now get a notice that my code is not found or assigned to another phone. I did not use it previously.

Do I need to apply again?

Yes just type it on your phone if not use this one : I-EGdXcPF