Root suggessions

First of all, thank you so much for Blloc Ratio. This is the best minimalist launcher I have ever used. I can see that your guys have put your hearts into designing it.

I would like to add a suggestion. I’m not sure if you already have it, I couldn’t find it, so I’m adding it as a suggestion.

Would it be possible to add other search engines in root other than Google and Qwant? Like duck duck go? Or just have a Brave search bar instead of Chrome?

And another one, is there any way to add Apple music to Root screen?

~ratio on oneplus nord~

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There’s a makeshift solution to this:
Switch the search engine in Root to “Google”,
Change the search engine to whatever you like (except Brave, which is not available).
I use Samsung Internet Browser so I have a wider choice of search engines compared to Chrome.

How did you change the search engine

First, download Samsung Internet

Then, set it as your default browser

After that, choose the search engine in Samsung Internet

Lastly, switch the search engine in Ratio to Google

When asked which app to use, choose Samsung Internet.

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oh I am using the same way then, thanks though

I use the same step for Firefox so it should be the same for the other people

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You’re welcome~