Root screen is empty!


I’ve installed Ratio4 for the first time and it looks amazing, but I have an issue.

Root is empty! I configured all permissions but I see no cards…

Also, when I click “news” or any other link (bubbles at the bottom of the screen) nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong?

Device Samsung Galaxy Note 9 w Android 10. Spanish.

Thx for any advice.


Welcome to the community @BernardoLira!
Ratio still has a couple (I won’t give the definition of “a couple”… :kissing:) bugs that haven’t squashed. Can you try going directly to settings to verify whether the permissions have actually been granted? Thanks~

[Realising that Root doesn’t need any permissions to work]
Standard procedures:
Restart Ratio (Ratio Settings→General)
Restart Device (Scroll Down Status Bar→Expand Quick Setting Tiles Drawer→Power Button→Restart)
Force Stop Ratio (Device Settings→Apps→Ratio→Force Stop)
Clear Cache WILL CLEAR CUSTOM SET ICONS (Those that you set app-by-app in Ratio) (Device Settings→Apps→Ratio→Storage→Clear Cache)

Could you figure out a way to get it to work?