Root Issue with Spotify

Clicking on the album artwork does not open Spotify not sure if its supposed to but it only brings up the album artwork and a few other bits of text and by clicking them do nothing. Via Pixel 4 XL


I think it is supposed to show the Album art. (For me it shows it too)
It would be cool to add a button at the bottom to open Spotify or open Spotify instead of the album cover.


You can open spotify by clicking the empty space in the middle


You can click ON SPOTIFY to open Spotify

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Device: OnePlus 6
Version: 3.2.0

The media controls don’t work reliably all the time and the buttons on the bottom left, including On Spotify, never respond. Clicking on the empty space in the middle doesn’t launch the app either. This has been an issue since I installed Ratio on my device.

I think @jbriones95 already told someone in another subforum that while it works well on his Pixel, it has issues in other devices. Haven’t seen anyone else report this in a while, so I was wondering whether it’s just my device or if a fix is still pending.

It’s because Spotify gets closed in the background due to aggressive battery management by other phones.
Check once by keeping Spotify locked in the recents menu.

Locked Spotify in Recent Apps.
Changed Battery Optimization to Don’t Optimize.
Deleted and added Spotify Card again.
Restarted Ratio.

Didn’t help.

This is may be issue with spotify. #ratio just uses spotify. Please clear cache in spotify. Try again in ratio.

Cleared Spotify cache.
Deleted and added Spotify Card in Root.
Restarted Ratio.

Didn’t work.

This issue persists in 3.2.3.

Ratio uses spotify api. If you clread cache then all details also cleared. Open spotify once and try to access in root. It will work without any issues

Have tried clearing Spotify’s cache as suggested earlier by you and kept Spotify locked in Recent Apps as suggested by @B_Wrath.
While this helps to a certain extent with the controls on the right side of the card, it does not help with the buttons on the left side. None of those have worked since I’ve installed Ratio Pro on my OP6.
The Roadmap states that issues with Spotify Card have been fixed in 3.2.3 but as I haven’t noticed any improvements, I thought I’d make it known.

It works if spotify is playing or in background. When you clear spotify it stops working.