Root cards refreshing releted

Root cards (weather,news,etc) does not auto refresh in my device. I’ve to manually delete each cards (that require internet connection) and create them again to get updated info. Is this a bug or this feature is not yet implemented in ratio?
I’m using ratio lite and my device is unsupported.

No need to delete card. Just expand the card and it will refresh by itself

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Not happening. I keep weather card expended most of the time. If I leave it that way (I once left it for 2 days) it won’t refresh.

I never faced this issue let the moderators check this.

It is supposed to refresh automatically. Have you updated to the latest version i.e., 3.2.0 and still facing it?
Make sure ratio and blloc services are not optimised for battery consumption and let me know how it’s going.

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Ratio version I’ve is 3.2.0:17
I don’t think battery optimisation is cuplrit but I’ll give it a try. Can u explain me when it should auto refresh(eg 2 hours,4 hours later)

I’ve no idea about the update timings, I’ll ask and let you know about it. (2 Hrs I think as per my observation)

Ok I’ll update u after 2 hours.

I think battery optimisation trick worked but news is updating fine but have to check weather a little more to be sure.
Thanks man.

Yep, let me know

Weather is working fine too. Thanks for your help.

Good to know it’s working