Root and Tree disabled for Samsung S9?

Two hours into using Ratio, I realized that “Tree” or people conversations feature is still underway, which is alright. But none of the root features work on Ratio (v3.2.3). Is this device specific or both Root and Tree are features that are underway?


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Hey there, welcome to the community!

The Tree is still a feature that’s under development - for you, this isn’t a device-specific problem. With that said, the Root should be there, though. If you’re facing issues with the Root, what problems do you have? Do you mind sharing screenshots and/or GIFs?

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S9 being an edge-to-edge device, I think I had trouble accessing root page by swiping right. Took a bunch of restarts to somehow get access the root page.

Hmm, I see. I’m using an S9+, but didn’t encounter much issues - perhaps I should try to update Ratio to 3.2.3 and see if this issue shows up on my end too.