RESOLVED System Outage (19-20 May 2020)

Apologies everyone for facing issues with Installing, Device not supported, License invalid and missing Icons they all happened as we did not anticipate such high load would crash our servers, we fixed the issues and added a ton of servers and load balancers this morning. Its live since 10 mins so all these problems are resolved now. Apologies again we really didn’t expect such conversion.

Known issues that were related to this server overload:

  • Ratio - License verification
  • Ratio - News service (“cannot reach server” error message)
  • BllocDesk - “Device not supported” error
  • Ratio - Lines icon pack not installed - Solution: Open BllocServices and it should pick up the Lines Icon app and install it.

So we expect all of these to be solved now.

Current Issues NOT related to the server overload:

  • Ratio “Device not supported” dialog for some OnePlus and Pixel phones. We are working on a solution right now.

Thank you for updating us!! Appreciate all the work that you all are doing :smiley:

Thank you. Successfully installed.

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I was going to make a post about that, when I saw the app suddenly start to work again, and then I see this post.

Well done on the quick resolution, and thank you for keeping us in the loop. :slight_smile:

Sent from my OnePlus 6

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For Bllocdesk when putting in Lisence it says that the Lisence is either wrong or installed in another device
Ratio was installed by apk, but I want to clean install via bllocdesk but I’m getting this error

@itssiddartha1999 Reset via You can’t install on apk and then install on Bllocdesk without resetting.

So should I uninstall it first?

If you want a clean install, reset code and then install via Bllocdesk

Ok thanks, I’ll do that