Resetting Code //

Hey, quick question for everyone! How many times can I reset the code at I’m clicking the reset code button, but getting a message that says, “No data was found for this code.”

Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

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Hi. Welcome to the community.

You can reset the code as much as you want, as far as I know.
Are you able to use the current code? And why do you want to reset the code?

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I’m trying to reset it but no dice lol. Just keeps giving me that error, maybe it’s just delayed or something?

As to why I want to reset the code, I have a rooted phone and I’m always trying new ROMs. When I install Blloc again, it tells me the verification code has already been used for a different phone, so it won’t let me use the launcher. Resetting the code would help, but I’ve reset it once and now it’s just giving me errors.

Let me check with the devs on how many times we can actually reset the code.

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@DankeyKang Welcome to the community! you can go to some profile or account options in to see the code that currently you are using.

@B_Wrath Thanks! I really hope you can reset more than once.

@freyjasasi I can see the code I’m currently using, just cannot reset it :frowning:

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This issue i guess might be taken care by dev. tagging moderator @jbriones95 to help you with issue. he will help you to get in touch with team to resolve your issue.

something related to rooted rom. i am not sure

@freyjasasi I’ll give it a shot! thank you :slight_smile:

@jbriones95 hey, I was hoping you could assist in answering this question! How many times can I reset the code at Thank you

I believe about 2 times. I am not entirely sure though. I’ll ask Adham

@jbriones95 Is it 2 times only? I found this topic after a search and it ties to an issue I am facing currently.

I normally reset my device after a monthly software update. Previously, I reset my phone (probably twice) and reset my Ratio code (because it required a reset for ratio to install, otherwise it said code was tied to another device), and everything worked just fine. Today my phone had a weird issue, so it was reset after visiting a Samsung Service center (said issue was resolved). On trying to access my code via, it is now saying that I have no license registered despite getting a new code. Is there any way I can be assisted?

@black after second reset I couldn’t reset the code anymore…just started using a different launcher lol

Tried anything else or you gave up?

Well, you could sign up again with a different email, but I just gave up in the end.

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I’m hoping it may eventually be resolved. But thank you for the info. I appreciate :pray:

Got the issue resolved. I want to assume there was an issue with the first reset code. After another reset, Ratio installed just fine.