Requesting support for OnePlus Nord

Device brand and model:

OnePlus Nord

Ratio version:


Problems encountered when using ratio:

• Timer bugs:

  • Timer can’t be stopped once started
  • Even when a started timer is deleted from Root, the alarm is triggered after the time that was set
  • Even when the reset-button on a started timer is pressed (which is possible because the timer is unstoppable, but the interface changes to that of a stopped timer), the alarm is triggered after the time that was set
  • Timer on lock screen can only be dismissed by spamming the button

• Scaling issues in app settings (see screenshots)

I checked everything for other bugs but couldn’t find any.


There are two kinds of scaling issues. The save changes button is not visible and the top bar is transparent (it’ll look black if only the background is visible but will show apps if they are in the proper position on the tiles screen).

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Working great with 3.2.8

Timer problems are gone now. Just the settings page is still as in the pictures.

Yes… that’s the only thing remaining now that needs to be fixed… everything else works well

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@olivier any update on this?

No sorry actually that issue happens on many phones but it should be fixed soon it’s on our bug list :+1:


Do you able to use night mode & reading mode?

You can do that if you turn off the greyscale feature of Ratio in the Ratio settings. You can’t have both at the same time. :thinking:

This has been resolved with the latest update.