Requesting Login code for Telegram

Very Happy and excited about ratio 4…absolutely loving it…good job cheers to ratio4…one thing I noticed is ratio asking mobile no. For telegram and asking to enter the login code …which is a sensitive data as with this code some one else can acsess telegram…,.really concerned about it …could it be just like WhatsApp just reading the notification …Really concerned about telegram …pls do reply …cheers to Ratio

every app that needs to access telegram needs to have the code verified since it is in fact a login, it is different from whatsapp since whatsapp streams itself via the official app (for example you can’t use the web version without being also connected via phone), while telegram, as i said before, logins in every device

I’m answering this based on what I know; if there’s anything Blloc wishes to add on or any incorrect points, please do update or correct!

AFAIK, Blloc uses the Telegram API to read and send messages. That’s one of the reasons why it has more functionality than other messaging apps at the moment (e.g., WhatsApp). This step in itself requires authorisation that requires you to authenticate into your Telegram account (therefore your phone number and login code).

The Telegram API offers more abilities than what can be done by reading off the notification, simply put. Even the official web client for Telegram ( uses the API, and, as @giaaaacomo suggests, requires authentication as well.

Blloc doesn’t collect this data, and all your personal data (inclusive of this and your chats) are stored locally on your device.

Thank @areoen @giaaaacomo for clarification as this boosted my confidence to use tree maximaly .cheers to ratio

Where is the tree or ratio 4.
I have no update from ratio.

Greetings the Dutch

Currently it rolled out for 30percent users …will be out for 100 percent sooner…keep patience you will feel great after seeing ratio 4 on hands