Request for my unsupported device

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Infinix note 5

#Ratio version: v3.1.9

Problems encountered when using ratio:

Well since i was only able to use light version it was pretty good for a light version . I am eager to use the pro version and ready ro give you any info needed to help you to be able to make you app available on more device.


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@jbriones95 can you pls send me the discord group link
The one in the weekly report has expired.


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Thank you for your screenshots.
We are working on adding new devices.
Stay tuned.

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Hi sir had been a long time. I just casually checked wether my device was added to supported list or not on blloc desk and was able to install Ratio pro :hugs::hugs: which is very pleasant. But i had some doubts

  1. It was showing image of one plus 8 on the screen (where as name was of my phone only)
  2. My phone is a part of android one series is currently running on android 10. But for some reason i am unable to use gestures navigation.

    Attaching the required screenshots :hugs::hugs:

Gesture Navigation is not yet supported for 3rd party launchers for Android 10. This is a problem caused by Google, the devs can’t change anything about it.