Removing a drawer

How do I remove a empty drawer?
I accidentally created new drawers while trying to drag icons here and there in precess of arranging.
Now I can’t remove those empty drawers.

Long press on the drawer name and you’ll delete option.

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If I long press it changes as if the name can be typed. I deleted the name. But when press enter the name appears.

Empty the drawer. Make sure there are no apps/icons in it. After that long press and then you would see a delete option in the bottom left.

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Noop. I’m not seeing a delete option in the bottom left.

Device OnePlus 7 pro

Can you post a screenshot after long pressing the app drawer?

It’s quite funny when I was going to take the screen shot the delete option in the bottom appeared.
I noticed some changes in the ratio settings didn’t apply in the first time had to try two three times for them to work. Maybe it’s the reason. Anyways now I know how to remove drawers.


Glad that things worked out.
Glitches are part of beta life :sweat_smile: