Release to Edit Consuming a Lot of time to load

The release to edit option is taking a lot of time to open the application settings, by a minimum of 5 seconds, it is taking to open the settings. When I installed the application, it works fine, but after some time, it got messed up and consuming a lot of time.

Device: MOTO G6
Ratio Version: 4.2.3
Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

Does your phone heats up when constantly long pressing tiles? If so, it may be an issue with your phone’s processor. Ratio is a bit power-hungry for now. The devs are actively trying to improve the battery consumption of Ratio

No, it’s not heating up. I am having an issue with the release to edit option, not the heating issue.

That’s weird… Idk mine’s working fine

I think it is normal since i installed ratio the press to ediit and release will take some times to open app’s dashboard. As I read from android developers help page it is related to android system infrastructure that any 3rd party app had to comply a 5 seconds interval to open if it in the home screen.

I don’t think so, when I installed the ratio it works fine, but after some days, it’s start getting messed up. Anyway, thank you for your response.

unistall & reinstall again or format Factory reset your mobile

Woah… that’s a ton to sacrifice for a 5-second delay…

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I know right. They must fix it with an update.

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