Referral Program not working

I have subscribed to Ratio tree referral program. I have shared my referrel link with severel people but my share count is not increasing from “2”. What should i do?

It only increases when people actually install and use it. Not only by sharing

I have personally installed it via my referral link on other persons mobile devices. But i didn’t increases

Make sure they not only install the app via your link, but also run it

They have to install the app using your link…
Once the install is completed run the Ratio launcher…
After the onboarding click finish setup… See your rank…

Yes they have run it, go through setup, make it default but rank doesn’t increase

Swipe to the tiles and then back to the tree to refresh

Swiped and checked tree. Reset tree email, put my email again to confirm but nothing. Same rank same number of shares

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