Redmi note 7 (not working)

Device brand and model:

Redmi note 7

Ratio version: 3020929

Problems encountered when using ratio:

I downloaded the program ratio but when I press install nothing happened and start to download again.

Hey , I just got the invitation (thx by the way).

But I can’t use it. My phone is the redmi note 7.

Anything I can do? Or when it will be available for my phone?

I have the same issue (on a Xiaomi 9t Pro).
As far as I know, Xiaomi devices aren’t supported so it might be that that is why the install fails.
The app (“Blloc Services”) just doesn’t inform us about this, atleast, that’s what I think.

EDIT: Got it to work using the (albeit unsupported) Blloc Desk (on my 9t Pro):

  1. Download and install Blloc Desk.
  2. Follow instructions until you get the question about the verification code.
  3. Go to and login there
  4. Obtain your verification code.
  5. Slam it into the app.
  6. If you get the INSTALL_FAIL_USER_RESTRICTED error, go back to the developer settings of your phone and enable Install over USB.

Just Go to the developer settings of your phone , turn off MIUI optimizations and try again.

Tell me if it didn’t work.

Welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face:

Ratio is now available on play store. No need for the invite link now. Try installing Ratio from here.

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