Redmi note 7 cannot install or don't show up blloc ratio

Xiaomi redmi note 7


I cannot make Ratio the default home app because don’t show up in the configuration after I made the steps for the install.

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Why don’t you try installing using BllocDesk. If you want to install via Ratio Light then just installing from the Blloc services app won’t help. After you’ve downloaded both the apps using Blloc services then head over to Xiaomi’s default File Manager. In the File Manager open the APKs section in there you will find the Ratio APK and Lines icon pack APK. Simply install then and you will be good to go and if you don’t find the APKs then repeat the process once again and you should find the APKs this time. Hope it helps. BTW keep in mind that Ratio Light won’t give you access to all features for that install Ratio Pro via BllocDesk.

If you’ve changed your mind and want to install Ratio Pro via BllocDesk then you have to do a little bit extra than what BllocDesk will tell you to. This is because Ratio isn’t given all necessary permissions while installing due Xiaomi’s MIUI.

While turning on usb debugging, if you look below there’s an option namely “USB Debugging (Security Settings)”. Turn on this option too. Then proceed with the installation using BllocDesk.
This will give all necessary permissions to Ratio.

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I tried, following all the steps including usb debugging but it doesn’t work. Even blloc desk can’t detect my device.

I also cannot report the problem from blloc desk and I assume it is because I was not able to complete the installation


Does you pc have ADB installed? And can it detect your android device?

Yes my PC detects the device without problem

No I mean is your mobile detected from the ADB window?

Ok, yeah. But I do not know what else to do.

Try re-installing BllocDesk and if it doesn’t work even then, then make a new topic about it in Ratio>Bugs, that will help the devs to take a better notice of it.